Skype comes to Nokia N800

Nokia, the world’s top mobile phone maker, announced that it has made Skype telephone services available on the Nokia N800 Internet tablet. With Skype, Internet tablet users could make calls through a wireless internet connection, Nokia said in a statement.

Nokia added Skype would be available for download for existing users. There will also be Skype download links on the latest release of Nokia N800 devices which will be available at retail and on the Skype online store.

From coffee shops and public parks to offices to hotels or even on the beach – users will now be able to make Skype calls anywhere they can find a WiFi hotspot.

The two companies have earlier said they planned to work on adding Skype to additional devices.

The support for Skype on the N800 is currently available for download on Nokia’s Web site with the software upgrade to the OS 2007 edition. The feature upgrade also introduces Adobe Flash 9 browser plug-in, support for SD memory cards up to 8 GB and enhanced battery life.

Expected to be available either in July or August in Singapore, the N800 features a large 800 x 480-pixel touchscreen LCD.

Skype is a unit of online auction leader eBay