One of the first websites that provides reviews that are informative, summaries that are an interesting read and affiliate networks is With a work schedule of 6-12 hours reviewing a network and at time even more, they provide professionally written reviews that contain a great deal of information on each network. Now you would be surprised of what this network is. These people actually register a fresh account on the network in order to gauge a sign up process, and as they review each website they make sure that they do not give out their information because that might help them get special treatment.

They use an alias to send them messages and see how their customer support works and the time each website takes to answer and the details with which the answer have been made.
Yes, they actually take up so much effort because they write reviews, which are absolutely correct and have no biased intentions. As a company they allow their publishers to search through its 37 reviews and return the networks that have the features they want. With increase in their database, this feature will increasingly become useful.

If I have to give an example, then I would like to say that, if one wants to search for networks that pay via paypal and have a rating of 50% or higher then the database that they will have will match atleast 5 such network. Other than this , a publisher can search for affiliate network which also has a referral program and can have a minimum payout of 50$ or less if they have a list of 6 networks returned.

These features are very useful and with more features planned and coming up in future, such as the ability to search for other countries networks, this company is here to stay.