Timetranslator in mobile phone

With the affordable cost of mobile phones and also the affordable rates that the mobile service providers offer, the use of mobile phones is going up each second. Now with all the new and improved technologies that are use by the telecommunication servers or the service providers, it has become hassle-free for anyone to make a call to anyone at anytime. People are often making international calls to their loved ones or for the purpose relating to their jobs as the service providers facilitates such services easy. But before making an international call, sometimes people are confused of the time of that place where he is making the call and whether it will be suitable to make the call as he is not sure of the time. Now this problem can be solved with the Timetranslator which is a software that converts numbers in your phone into the local time at the destination being called. Compatible with smartphone technology running on Windows CE 5.0 and CE 6, Timetranslator converts all of your dialed phone numbers and saved numbers in your contact list. The software can be downloaded to a smartphone through a PC using an active sync program and once installed the program works independently of the Internet. The call will be paused and will show you the time so that you can decide whether to call or not.