Submersible Robots

Scientists have recently developed a new class of submersible robots that can swim like a fish and hover like a helicopter deep inside the sea while mapping seascapes. This new class of robot has been named as autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV). Since when satellite images have discovered close sea surface activities, it had been a challenge for scientists to develop a robot that can glide for thousands of miles under the sea by utilizing the ocean’s stored heat for power. This autonomous underwater vehicle has the capability to withstand a very high under water pressure so as to dive nearly about seven miles under the sea. This latest technology has been discovered to reveal the oceanographic knowledge that extends all the way down the seafloor and beyond. These AUVs can provide us amazing underwater images that we haven’t seen before. One of the newest robots of this kind is named as Sentry that can travel at a speed of about 2.3 miles per hour. With its streamlined shape it can even move across the narrow regions beneath the rocks. Scientists have planned to establish a sensor network with the help of sentry robots so as to facilitate proper underwater wiring system.