Online Diagnosis

The innovations in medical technology has helped millions of people. Now you can get you diagnosis done online in the privacy and comfort of your home. So now you don’t have to personally visit your doctor or call him for many medical complexities, if you have some doubts or would like to know more about your diagnosis, you can always ask a doctor online.

Online Diagnosis finds conditions responsible for any symptoms you have. It works by taking a very comprehensive medical history, including details which are often missed or difficult to obtain during a standard visit to doctor.

In such diagnosis, essential information about your symptoms is gathered by intelligently adjusting questions in response to your specific circumstance. It then performs a complex analysis to diagnose every possible condition that matches your symptoms, and calculates the likelihood of each condition or disease.

However always remember, present computer programs embedding expert knowledge and the data now available, are appropriate only for those patients presenting with a single dominant symptom or sign. If there is more than one principal complaint, the programs will be misleading. Furthermore, findings discovered only on physical examination can be critically important in clinical diagnosis, and these are largely excluded since patients cannot be expected to examine themselves. Moreover, since the accuracy of these programs is clearly better for common conditions, these Programs focus on the most common conditions; rarely seen diagnoses are usually lumped together in a miscellaneous category.

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