E-mail Client

An e-mail client is used to manage emails on a computer. It is also known as a Mail User Agent or a MUA. An e-mail client can be used by anyone with basic knowledge about computers.

A mail user client connects to a remote mailbox to recover messages. This is the case of personal computing. The Post Office Protocol or POP helps the user get the messages one by one from the server. The user can then delete the original messages on the server after the messages have been saved. It is not suitable for accessing mails from different computers. Internet Message Access Protocol or IMAP is the other type whereby messages can be kept on the server itself and is assembled by default and can be accessed anywhere with the proper entry of usernames and passwords.

MUAs can also be used to format messages and have a built-in facility to display and edit text. Since the email clients are not encrypted, it can be occasionally visible by “eavesdroppers”. But encryption can be done to protect the privacy of the users. Submission of mails is not carried out by either POP3 or IMAP4. It is usually carried out by SMTP.