3M Now Offers MDR I/O Connector for SCSI-2 Application

A 68-position MDR I/O board-mount receptacle connector that conforms to the standard contact pattern of popular SCSI-2 pin-and-socket interfaces is available immediately from the 3M Electronic Solutions Division. The new configuration allows use of 3M’s robust MDR wiper-on-wiper connector system in applications that previously used traditional pin-and-socket SCSI-2 connectors. The 3M MDR SCSI-2 footprint version board-mount receptacle is available in a 68 pin-count configuration and mates to all 3M MDR 68 position wire-mount plugs.

The MDR connector is suitable for use in a broad array of box-to-box applications, including telecommunications, networking, enterprise computing and factory automation. The connector’s ribbon-style contact eliminates “pin stubbing” failures that can occur in pin-and-socket I/O connectors and is reliable in repetitive plug-unplug applications. The connector’s 360-degree shielding contributes to improved signal integrity.

Available cable-attach options include a thumbscrew for secure attachment in challenging environments, and a quick-release latch for fast, easy installation. A board-lock retention feature helps to ensure a reliable connection.