3M Introduces Universal Cover Tape Solution for Electrical and Electronic Component Manufacturers

3M now offers a cover tape solution that is compatible with all equipment and carrier tapes, allowing electrical and electronic component manufacturers to protect their products with a single solution.

Unlike previously available cover tapes, 3M brand Universal Cover Tape provides solutions to component manufacturers and end users for packaging electronic and electrical components in tape and reel. The cover tape provides optimal performance regardless of width, carrier material and equipment while improving product protection and reducing adhesive transfer.

The tape’s pressure-sensitive adhesive creates a strong bond to polycarbonate, polystyrene and paper carriers, eliminating the need for manufacturers to stock multiple cover tapes. The tape minimizes the necessity for stringent control and monitoring at taping stations, and decreases operator error.

For end users, the cover tape provides superior component placement during cover tape de-taping applications in feeders. Instead of removing the entire width of the cover tape from the carrier, 3M universal cover tape allows removal of the middle portion above the component pockets while adhesive edges remain adhered to the carrier, providing a smooth, consistent peel. This design reduces risk of component migration, flipping, vibration and chip sticking.

The tape reduces the risk of adhesive transfer to sealing and feeder equipment, and adjacent surfaces, because the adhesive is positioned away from the edge. The positioning also reduces the risk of and attracting airborne contaminates and debris.