3M Introduces Overhead Air Ionizer to Neutralize Static

A new 3M air ionizer, mounted above the electronics assembly workbench, delivers ionized air over a 2-foot-by-4-foot work area, neutralizing static charge that can damage sensitive components. The 3M Overhead Air Ionizer 991 uses steady state DC ionizing technology that offers an intrinsic balance of less than plus or minus 20V so it never needs calibration.

Workers can adjust the speed of the unit’s three fans – high or low – to control ionization rate and worker comfort. At high speed, the ionizer neutralizes charges of 100V to 1,000V on nonconductive objects and surfaces 18 inches below the fans in less than eight seconds. At low speed, the ionizer runs quieter and is less likely to dry out contact lenses.

Turning the unit off and on again activates an automatic cleaning system that sweeps the air emitter points, reducing the need for manual cleaning and thus lowering maintenance costs. During operation, the brush cleaners automatically retract to prevent emitter point wear.

The 44-inch-long unit fits easily into small spaces, freeing up valuable workbench space. The ionizer weighs 10 pounds and can be hung overhead with S hooks or attached to the workbench with brackets. The unit is RoHS compliant(a) and ergonomically sound.