Samsung’s first MetroPCS AWS handsets

Samsung’s MyShot and Spex Phones are the first MetroPCS AWS handsets that have made a significant place in the mobile market are sure to attract the mobile users. These sets are available through MetroPCS which is a wireless broadband personal communication service provider that has no long-term agreement but has flat rate and also offers unlimited usage basis phone plans in some preferred chief metropolitan areas in the US. Both the phones are first to operate on the 1.7/2.1GHz CDMA Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) spectrum.The Samsung MyShot features a 1.3 megapixel camera, access to games, ringtones and wallpapers through downloadable content, as well as Bluetooth technology, advanced voice recognition and speakerphone for hands-free communication. The phone, which measures 3.64” x 1.87” x .77”, is also WAP enabled and includes a 128 x 160 pixel, 262k CSTN, 1.9” main display as well as a 96 x 96 pixel, 65k CSTN, 1.0” external display. Now coming to Samsung’s Spex, which measures 4.07” x 1.77” x .059”, provides users with messaging capabilities, a speakerphone and Bluetooth technology. In addition, the Spex put forward users uncomplicated access to downloadable content such as ringtones and graphics for the 65k CSTN, 128 x 128 pixel display.