Solar Charger

Mobile phones are used for long time unlike before. The reasons behind the increase in mobile phones are simply because of the low rates that the service providers offer these days. Moreover due to the multimedia activities used for entertainment and the facility of computing in mobile phones, the use is even rapidly increasing day by day. Though most of the high edge mobiles have good quality of battery, that lasts long but charger is always needed and when it is a solar charger, it makes charging even more easy. Solio, a specialist in solar charger manufacturing has made Magnesium Edition which has greater output (8W), expanded compatibility, a higher-capacity lithium ion battery (3.7v, 1800mAh compared with 3.6v, 1600mAh) and a stronger magnesium alloy shell. It has the same footprint and fan blade design as the original. The Magnesium Edition is attuned with the universal iGo Tip System and includes a female USB cable for iPod, digital cameras and other compatible gadgetry. It can be charged in around 8-10 hours of direct sunlight or in approximately four hours via a wall outlet and can store energy for up to one year. A fully charged Solio charger can re-power an average cell phone at least twice and can charge at the same rate as the common chargers. Sixty minutes of sunlight will provide approximately 20 minutes of talk time and ten hours of standby time or 50 minutes of play time on an iPod or PMP.