The AG-DVX100B cam corder

The AG-DVX100B 24p/30p/60i Mini-DV Camcorder which was introduced by Panasonic Broadcast has got more than two dozen enhancements. It is among the first professional camcorders to be ROHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substances) –complaint, that is a product which is virtually free of lead, arsenic and other hazardous substances. The camcorder allows camera-to-camera time-code sync and user settable file transfer over IEEE 1394, facilitating it in simultaneous, multi-camera shoots.its additional features also include 16:9 Letter-box Display Mode on the large electronic viewfinder (EVF) and 3.5” color LCD monitor for distortion-free Squeeze Mode or Anamorphic Display; Remote Control of Focus and Iris(wired) for easier operation when mounted on a jib or tripod; Single Button Character Off for LCD and EVF displays; improved Video S/N for better low light recording; and higher resolution LCD (210,000 pixels)and EVF (235,000 pixels) monitors. The camcorder incorporates CineSwitch technology that supports 480i/60 (NTSC), cinema-style 480p/24fps and 480p/30fps image also comes with a high sensitive on-camera mic; the relocation of the speaker to nearer the LCD screen to make audio easier to hear during playback; slower middle zoom speed; a heavier duty, easily replaced tripod connection; audio off tape or live E-E mode for delay free(echo free) monitoring; an End Search Camera Function to speed up search; a ‘what you see is what you get’ image in the LCD and EVF; a new design for the scene file dial’s rib protector to prevent unintentional file changes; a color drop-down display mode for menu choices; and a new color(Black Sapphire). Other standard accessories include a CGR-D54 battery, AC adapter/charger, microphone holder, remote control, shoulder strap, lens cap, cleaning tape and an instruction manual.