Lucid Touch: a see-through mobile device

Mobile technology is rapidly advancing to provide the customers something new every time. Excelling in its technical efficiency and accuracy, high-end mobile phones always grab the attention. Today touch screen mobiles are at high demand because they are easy to operate and are a kind of time saving devices through which one can skip the complications of selecting various options through buttons in a multi-featuring mobile phone. Now we are well acquainted with the touch-screen technology. Keeping in mind this touch-screen technology, Microsoft developed LucidTouch, which is a see-through mobile device. LucidTouch is a device that supports multi-touch input which means that this mobile phone allows the users to operate the device at the same time with all the ten fingers. The prime factor in making the LucidTouch functional is pseudo-transparency. By overlaying an image of the user’s hands onto the screen, Microsoft has created the illusion of the mobile device itself being semitransparent. This pseudo-transparency allows users to exactly get his hands on the targets while not occluding the screen with their fingers and hand. This mobile device works differently. In other touchscreen mobiles we touch the application from front that appear on the screen of the mobile but in this device the user has to control the application by touching the back of the see-through device, which is unique in itself.