File Transfer Protocol

File Transfer Protocol, better known as FTP, is a protocol or convention for transferring of files or data from one network to another (one computer to another). Many are familiar with the term FTP as it helps in exchange of files irrespective of the operating system.

FTP runs with the help of Transmission Control Protocol or TCP. Data is transferred efficiently and more importantly reliably from the source to the endpoint. It is a highly successful mode that has been widely used since its inception. An FTP client helps in the management of files on the server so that it can be transferred. It is popular also because of the fact that no apparent identification is required and the email address itself acts as the authentication for the file transfer. Web browsers more recently have made themselves compatible for connection to FTP servers.

There are two most common ways of completing the transfer. The ASCII mode in which the data is sent in plain text and is saved in the endpoint computing machine in the suitable format for the operating system present. The Binary mode is the one in which the files are sent byte by byte and is saved simultaneously by the recipient. Use of Remote computers indirectly is incouraged.