Portable Media PLayer

DMS i-Cube Portable Media Player PMP-1000 deserves much praise for its big screen, great audio/video quality, along with its touch-screen feature and great battery life. The features of this device that can attract one’s attention are the MP3, WMA, AAC, AC3 (2ch), OGG Audio formats and the Video formats that consist of DivX (3,4,5), XviD, MPEG (1/VCD 2,4), ASF/WMV (via transcoding). Other than these, the Bitrate is up to 8 MBps at 720 x 480 pixels, 30 fps. It has TFT LCD 3.5″ (diagonal) at 320 x 240 pixels screen with 65K colors. The input systems consist of the Touchscreen, buttons and also a remote control. The feature of video output has video out, S-video out and audio out. The audio output feature consists of Headphones (stereo, 25 mW x 2)and Built-in speaker (500 mW). Line In, Built-in microphone is for audio input. The signal to noise ratio is > 85db and total harmonic distortion is 0.1%. The capacity is 20 GB 1.8″ HDD and the case of connectivity is through USB 2.0 / 1.1, driverless for Windows XP. The data transfer rate is up to 18MBps. The battery is Li-Po Rechargeable (20,700 mAh) and its life support video up to 6 hours and audio up to 8 hours. The dimensions of the device is 4.8” in width, 3” in height and 0.8” in thickness and it weights 246gm. The product with its high features is unique in itself.