Canon Pixma iP4500

The Pixma iP4500 from Canon is the high quality single-focused inkjet printer that competes with the laser printers in speed and of course when the question of superiority arises. The Pixma iP4500 is covered in the familiar silver and gloss black livery and has more of a square-cut than most recent models. The printer opens up to reveal rear top input and front output trays, with the additional of a second input tray beneath the main body by just pressing a button. Both input trays of the printer can hold upto 300 sheets of varying paper sizes which is a good feature for a personal printer. Another feature is that it is easy to switch between plain and photo paper without engaging in the tedious task of loading and unloading paper each time for printing text and photos. The unique trait is that It can auto-duplex, that is it can print on both sides of the paper irrespective of the tray that is being used. Common physical controls are indicated by icons which make it more easy to understand. Text prints as well as the photo prints are excellent and with the one-picolitre ink-drop size, this printer produces high facet and soft color deviation in photo prints.