Spybot – Spyware Removing Software

One of the most popular software available on the internet is Spybot. It helps extensively those who are affected by malicious spyware and constantly receive trouble with the adware. Spybot is compatible with Microsoft Windows.

A lot of problems can be fixed with the help of Spybot. It can track cookies, hijackers of the browsers, system internals etc. It can also delete usage tracks and thereby help in protecting the privacy of the user. Spybot is an able software in the sense that it can detect spyware and adware even if the program comes attached with any other software. It however is unable to detect viruses and therefore can be rightly believed not an antivirus. Some Trojans however can be detected by chance.

Spybot is not compatible with other operating systems except Windows. Due to its high popularity at one point of time, it had been the elusive software that was the target of the hackers. Due to this many malicious Spybot-resembling spywares were released which led to the decline in the popularity of Spybot. Since Spybot is not an antivirus therefore one has to be installed alongside it. But Norton Security has come into conflict with Spybot resulting in the former not providing access to the user if Spybot is installed.