Tattoo Flash

A tattoo flash is a tattoo design printed or drawn on paper or cardboard. It is typically displayed in tattoo parlors to give customers ideas for their own tattoos. Hand-drawn, local tattoo flash has been replaced by professional “flash artists” who produce prints of flash and sell them at conventions or through the Internet.

Most Tattoo Flash today is found on the Internet, with customers bringing it into their own artist to have tattooed. This method is available from a number of sites like Superior Tattoo Equipment Company, “has grown into America’s #1 supplier of quality tattoo equipment” according to International Tattoo Art magazine.

A tattoo machine is a hand-held device for creating a tattoo. Modern tattoo machines use alternating electromagnetic coils to move a needle bar up and down, driving pigment into the skin. The technology used to make modern tattoo machines has come a long way. Patented products such as the “Raven machine” and the “Vtek” power supply and machine are examples of superior’s leading edge tattoo technology and can only be found at superior.