Who doesnt love coke ? It has become most teenagers and kids favorite drink. Whenever my kids go to McDonald’s, they just love to have coke and french fries. Coca-Cola or Coke now is having an internet promotion of their new product called Coke zero. This Coke zero is actually zero sugar, having zero calories while the real taste of Coke has been preserved.

The campaign of this product entitled “Life as it should be” match perfectly and if you
go straight to Coke Zero promotion site, you can have the real fun.There’s you will find some old black/white clips like Last Night, The Secret, Off The Hook, The Contract and so on.

Be a director, click either one of the scene and enter your name. Then you can begin to rewrite “the conversation” using your own words and you can say what ever you want. Be sure to use easy voice recorder to manipulate the conversation.

After finishing the clips, you can send it to your friends, see whether they like it or not. And if your clips are good enough, they may become one of the BEST RATED clips.

This is living “life as it should be”.