Sony Ericsson P990i

Sony Ericsson P990i Mobile Handset

P990i is a replacement of pc while traveling.It can also be called a small pc.

A phone, PDA and imaging machine packed with media and applications to support business and leisure activities. It takes the work out of the job.While travelling with this 3G smartphone,you can easily leave your PC behind, yet access everything you need for effective communication.


Speed is the essence
Fast wireless networking and most advanced operator services can be enjoyed #For mobile Intenet connect to WLAN, RSS feeds and push email at high speed.
Versatile to suit your style
Input text via the keypad, keyboard, onscreen keyboard or handwriting recognition, or you can choose whether to go handsfree with speakerphone or wireless headset.

Web wherever
You can enjoy browsing the Web and manage your email effectively with the convenience of your phone through your mobile Internet,no matter wherever you are.
Push email
Just like your home computer it has got instant email. As soon as the messages arrive they are sent directly to your phone.The Sony Ericsson P990i is a smooth operator with business acumen to spare. You can take this compact office anywhere you go, and it has everything you need to do business at hand. Read and send email, edit office documents and enjoy fast, always-on Internet access. Take the work out of the job.
Video streaming
Enjoy real-time video feeds from the Internet – no need to wait for the download or use up storage space on your phone, just stream it.
Broadband Internet has a quick and easy access. Say hello to video calls, audio and video streaming, Internet surfing, multimedia messaging and email on the go.The third generation of mobile networks brings the convenience of broadband Internet to your mobile phone. Fast data transfer speeds – up to 384 kbps – give you quick, easy access to a world of video calls, audio and video streaming, Web surfing, multimedia messaging and email wherever you go.
You can navigate the phone menu by touching icons or menu items on the screen with a stylus or pointer

The Bluetooth# experience
Bluetooth# wireless technology frees more than your hands # it lets your devices talk to each other without tangles, across ranges of up to 10 metres.
Symbian# OS
An open operating system for mobile devices that enables you to download new applications to your phone
Flight mode
Function that inactivates radio transmitters and receivers so that some functions can be used in places such as planes and hospitals.
Sony LocationFree#
Redirect your favourite TV shows to your P990i. (Sony LocationFree# Base Station required. Limited market availability).
Sony Ericsson P990i
Sizes 114 x 57 x 25 mm 4.4 x 2.2 x 1 inches
Weight 150 g 5.3 oz
Memory Memory Stick PRO Duo# support Phone memory 60MB
Networks GSM 900 GSM 1800 GSM 1900 UMTS
Performance UMTS GSM 900 GSM 1800 GSM 1900
Talk time 3 hours 9 hours 9 hours 9 hours
Standby time: 300 hours 340 hours 340hours 340 hours
Video call: No No No No

Now talking will be enjoyed with this popular most Sony Ericsson model.