Lets blog for money !!!

Here is an interesting site that lets you earn money while you blog. There are many such websites that have similar revenue model and they all seem to be growing at a rapid pace. One such site is Smorty. Smorty is free to join.

The basic concept of such advertising networks is that a blogger is given a chance to review advertisers website or products or services. Blogger has to write a review or thoughts about the said advertiser, which can be positive, negative or neutral. But usually, advertisers like a positive or at the most neutral review with an element of critic added to it for improvement.

In order to get your blog accepted into Smorty network :
* Your blog must be indexed by Google and Yahoo
* Your blog must be older than 3 months
* Your blog must not contain any violent, hate related or adult content
* Your blog must be active and have a history of minimum average 2 new posts per week

Smorty will pay a higher rate for blogs with higher score based on their unique ranking system. Basically, you get more campaign offers and more higher priced campaigns for having a higher Smorty score. The payments are made weekly through paypal.

For advertisers who wish to advertise on blogs this is a great option to get huge audience, a nice review and usefull inbound links for better SERPs.