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The 3M 8425 Model Fiber Management System provides a total solution for managing fiber optic cable. The System consists of two key components thats combine to provide a comprehensive approach to fiber management Fiber Termination & Fiber Distribution units within the same frame assy.

The 8425 system provides maximum protection in rough service field applications, while maintaining a clean appearance in central office and equipment closet. 3M has developed the 8425 Fiber Management System to allow users to obtain all the fiber management components they need from a single source. Each component of the system is part of a large family of 3M fiber optic products, including couplings, cable assemblies, pigtails, attenuators, splices & more.


The 8425 System is a modular customizable unit that allows for a higher concentration of fibers while maintaining a un crowded, workable space inside. The 8425 accommodate upto 12 coupling plates, each with a capacity of up to 6 fibers. The size of the 8425 allows sweeping fiber curves to prevent crowding and macrobends. The pre-loaded coupling plates in the 8425 system are designed with a single attachment at the top. The plates are available in all common configurations and are fully interchangeable. Each pigtail in the 8425 systems is factory tested & is being pre-assembled & routed in the system to reduce the time in the field & increase the efficiency of the field staff.



8425 Series Rack Mount Fiber Management System

Front and rear doors access

Quick & comfortable way for installation & maintenance of fibers No protruding parts to snag fibers
Wide rear floor full 17″ (43.2 cm)

Wide area for routing and storage of fiber
Generous side entry ports

Allows for easy cable entry from any directions
Assortment of standard coupling plates

Available in all major connector styles
Modular & Pre-assembled coupling plates

Reduces inventory & Saves time
Modular (Management unit)

Allows for future expansions.
Chassis-mounted cable strain relief and ground lug location

Allows use of hose clamps. Cable ties, & accommodates various types of cables & strength member

in mm Weight Maximum Capacity of Fibers MaximumTrays
/Frame Max Fibers Per Tray Type & Length of Pigtail Fiber MOQ/
170 X 432 X 314 H X W X D 8.1 Kg 72 3 24 900 microns coated fiber/1.5 Mts 01 Nos./1/case

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