3M Fiber Management System

We are the distributors/suppliers of 3M Fiber Management System and supply 3M Fiber Management System to various telecom companies in India.

3M Fiber Management System is a combination of Fiber Termination and Fiber Distribution. There is a vast range of Wall / Rack mount FMS available. Every FMS of 3M comes with Factory fitted pre installed and tested couplers and pigtails. The unit has pre-installed 900 microns pigtails from one end of the coupler to the splice trays This is identified by numbering according to the corresponding couplers. The pigtails have 900 microns fiber cable & the insertion loss is less than 0.3 dB / connector & reflection loss is better than 45 dB. The zero dB Coupler (Adapter) have insertion loss, less than 0.15 dB Cable routing clips are provided to route the loose tubes inside. Sufficient amount of buffer tube/ transport tube are provided to guide the loose tube fibers into the splice trays. Splice protection sleeves are also provided with every system.


Distributors/suppliers/exporters of 3M FMS in India for various telecom companies. To buy 3M FMS in India please get in touch with us.