3M Fiber Identifier

The most convenient and helpful tool of fiber identification with neither fiber breaking nor communication interruption. The 3M 9000 Fiber ID is designed for fast, accurate identification and traffic testing of fiber optic lines without cut- ting the fiber or interrupting normal communications, ideal for use during routine maintenance and line rehabilitation. This small hand-held unit can be used to locate the fiber core with particular toned signal such as 270Hz, 330Hz, 1KHz and 2KHz. The Built-in light source is also very helpful in fiber identification and break point detection.


Easy Operation : Before measurement, the unit will per- form the self-test to make sure that it is in good condition. The “No Sig”LED will light after self-test is completed. Pull the trigger to open the clip-on head and insert the fiber in the test slot. Re- lease the trigger slowly to clamp the fi- ber and start measurement. The clip-on head is specially designed to give safe protection to the fiber. In measurement state, press VLS (Visible Light Source) on/off switch to turn the VLS on with 1mW output. The VLS is helpful in fi- ber break point locating.

•Greater than -50dBm sensitivity at 1510nm
•Adapted to the fiber of 4 diameters -250um, 900um, 2mm and 3mm
•dentify the fiber with different tone signals at 270Hz, 330Hz, 1KHz and 2KHz
•Wide wavelength range 800nm ~ 1600nm
•Light,durable and handheld. Driven by alkaline batteries
•Pinpoint the break point of fiber by using VLS
Physical Parameter
Unit Size (H x W x L) 62.8mm x 44.4mm x 257.6mm
Carrying Case Size(H x W x L) 230mm x 116mm x 292mm
Gross Weight 1.8kg
Net Weight 300g

Environment Parameter
Working Temperature 0 ºC~40 ºC
Storage Temperature -20 ºC~65 ºC
Relative Humidity 5%~95%

Electrical Parameter
Wavelength Range 800nm-1600nm
Fiber Wavelength Sensitivity Insertion Loss (Bend)
Size and Type nm Fiber Core Power dBm dB

typical minimum typical maximum
250umO.D.SMF 1550 -48 -52 1.2 1.5
250umO.D.SMF 1310 -40 -43 0.2 0.5
900umO.D.SMF 1550 -42 -45 1.8 2.5
900umO.D.SMF 1310 -37 -40 0.5 0.8
3mmO.D.SMF 1550 -30 -33 2.7 3.5
3mmO.D.SMF 1310 -27 -30 0.6 1.0
Power Auto-off 5 minute without operation
Battery Single 9V Alkaline
Battery life >8 Hours (without VLS operation)

Visible Light Source(VLS) Electrical Parameter
Light Source Type LD
Output mode CW/1Hz
In-fiber Power 1mW
Connector type FC/PC (SC/PC or ST/PC as option)