3M BFTB Wall Mount Fiber Termination System (Max Capacity 72 Fibers)

We are the distributors/suppliers of 3M BFTB Wall Mount Fiber Termination System and supply 3M BFTB Wall Mount Fiber Termination System to various telecom companies in India.

The 3M BFTB Wall Mount Fiber Terminations System is an extension of proven 3M FMS designs. This small, compact, PVC box is designed to provide excellent fiber management/termination facility providing very aesthetic appeal. This is widely used for Fiber to the Building application and the mid span (uncut fiber) facility helps to drop fibers at buildings and continue the main cable further in the network. The system has got capability for 2 main cable entries and 8 nos. of secondary cables – ideally required for a distribution network. This system accommodates maximum 6 splice trays, each tray of 12 Fibers capacity. The well-designed box cover and tray-mounting mechanism allows for easy access to each tray, while keeping in mind the difficulties in operating with systems mounted on to wall or pole. The system could be mounted on to a wall or Pole with additional mounting/fixing accessories.



Technical Specification

* Maximum Terminations : 72 Fibers
* External Dimensions: W X H X D 240 x 270 x 80 mm
* Splice trays – 6 nos. (non metallic)
* Capacity of Splice tray : 12 single Fusion splices.
* Cable entry Ports – 2 Nos. for Main cables & 8 Nos. for Secondary cables.
* Constructed in PVC material.
* Secure with Cam Lock
* Environmental Protection IP Rated – IP 55
* Impact Performance @ ambient – IK08
* UV Resistance ( NFC 32 062-2 annex 3 ) – 2000 hours
* Flammability @ 1 mm UL 94 VO @ 2 mm 5VA

Application :

BFTB is typically used in building premises in the Fiber to the building applications for Telco’s and MSO’s where the fiber counts are low to medium. The BFTB can be wall mounted or Pole mounted. This system is widely used in distribution network where fibers to be dropped at buildings and the rest can continue as an Express cable without being cut and/or re-spliced. The complete system is secure by means of a cam lock.

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