3M ADSL2+ Tester

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The new 3M Dynatel 965AMS system contains every feature of our previous 965 model plus a larger, brighter display, a user-friendly icon-based interface and rugged field-swappable modules.* These external modules can be shared between technicians and allow transmission testing of a variety of OSP technologies. The platform is available with an optional ADSL2+ modem module, and in the future, will also feature additional modules, such as: VDSL2, FTTx fiber test, VoIP and new technologies yet to come.




Capability to work with a PC or handheld computer supporting software upload and data downloads
Flexible architecture

Supports various data modem protocols such as ADSL2+
Graphical user interface

User-friendly, icon-based display of test results
Help function

An internal help and tutorial provides information as needed during operation

High resolution/high contrast black and white LCD display
Vehicle power adapter

Plugs into standard vehicle accessory outlet
Windows/CE operating system

Provides open architecture software environment

Allows rapid access to twelve different “blue key” functions, reducing menu levels. Also has cursors, and supports alpha-numeric entry
Yellow and green LED lights

Signal battery state and communication status

TDR and autotest knowledge based systems aids technicians during test interpretation
Bright big screen

Highly visible even in bright sunlight due to proprietary 3M brightness enhancement technology 80% larger than 965DSP
Modular design

All you need is a new module to increase test capability (no need to replace tet set)
Dynatel yellow

Rugged, dependable

This microcomputer-controlled flexible test set family provides full-featured testing for the triple play-voice, video and data circuits. Because it’s a Dynatel 965 series tester, the AMS model is easy to use, requiring minimal training for testing professionals. And because it emphasizes fault diagnosis and fault location, customer problems can be solved quickly.

The knowledge-based smart auto-test function is the product of more than a hundred years of Dynatel team experience. It allows an automatic test of active and inactive lines with pass/fail limits. Auto-test capabilities also include expert system analysis of test results with advice on how to repair or how to locate faults. 3M Dynatel Far End Device FED II and customizable selections of tests are supported by the auto-test feature of the 965AMS platform.

The 3M Dynatel Advanced Modular System 965AMS modules are field swappable, testing the exact digital transmission modem needed for each job. The module supports special circuits technicians who work on a variety of circuit standards during a typical day. Because the modules are field swappable, the technicians can share them. So it’s no longer necessary to buy a separate testing platform for each set of modules. The ADSL2+ module is currently available. The following is a list of future modem protocols: VDSL2, FTTx fiber test and VoIP.

The hand-held 965AMS product is housed in a lightweight, ergonomically-designed case for portability and ease of handling. The unit is weather-resistant and weighs only 5 lbs (2.2kg). The unit operates on a desktop, on the ground, up in an aerial environment and in underground locations.

The Dynatel brand and the distinctive Dynatel yellow case are your assurance of rugged dependability.

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