Software Operated Helicopters

Stanford University scientists have recently developed a computer algorithm that has the capability to learn 20 years of radio-controlled helicopter expertise within 10 minutes. Just as the birds learn to fly by watching other birds, similarly with the help of this software, Helicopter could be made to learn various complex aerial tricks. Scientists involved in this project had an aim of writing a program that could fly a helicopter as good as an expert. Mathematical calculations involved in developing the software were too complex. As dynamics of helicopter are amazingly complicated; such as blades are flexing, air is churning etc hence it was really a challenge for Stanford scientists to develop such a project. This software monitors accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers with great precision. Air traffic control equipment at the ground level can also interact quite easily with this software so as to maintain a safe and secure flight. All of the data from the surface are feed back to the computer of helicopters and manipulated closely by this software. Now as this software is a huge success, large number of companies from all over the world is approaching to buy this fabulous software.