China Telecom News

As the world awaits Chinese telecom industry restructuring and the government’s issuance of 3G licenses wireless operators China Mobile and China Unicom appear to be headed in different directions. Take a look at both August subscriber numbers and the companies’ recent stock price performances:

* China Mobile added 3.65 million mobile users in August marking its largest monthly gain in 2 years. It bested its previous two-year monthly high set in July. China Mobile now has 231.01 million subscribers including 60.847 million contract subscribers and 170.158 million prepaid users.
* China Unicom added 1.2 million subscribers in August representing its lowest monthly net additions in more than 2 years. August additions included 861,000 new GSM subs and 337,000 new CDMA subs. Total subs at the end of August consisted of 91.33 million GSM users and 31.66 million CDMA users.
* China Mobile denied reports it offered to acquire India’s GSM mobile network operator Reliance Telecom. Reliance provides GSM services to 1.5 million users representing approximately 3% of India’s mobile market. There are also reports that China Mobile is interested in acquiring state-owned Uzbekistan Telecom. You may remember that China Mobile failed in its bid to acquire a stake in Pakistan Telecom earlier this year.