Apple iPods facing sporadic problems

There have now been reports that almost all the new iPod models unveiled a few weeks ago are experiencing sporadic problems with their screens or software.

From crooked screens on the new fatty nano, to faulty black levels on the iPod Touch, to a range of technical issues with the Classic, it seems like the current batch of ‘pods was really only half-baked before being pulled from the oven and sent to stores.


I know that most users probably aren’t having any problems with their new Apple toys, but it does seem like you might want to hold off a bit on buying one of these new players until all the kinks have been worked out.

A more cynical theory, though, is that these kinks are unlikely to ever be worked out, and are an unavoidable result of Apple’s explosive growth and resultant need to outsource its manufacturing to outside vendors who may be more concerned with keeping costs low than delivering flawless products.