3M Introduces 2mm Latch/Eject Headers for Wire to Board Applications, Saving Circuit

3M Company, the business trusted for high reliability IDC solutions, now offers a 2mm by 2mm-pitch latch/eject header. The compact header offers a durable, flexible solution for applications where circuit board space is a concern. The 3M 2 mm latch/eject header provides a robust system solution when mated with 3M IDC sockets 1522 series and 3M 2M molded assemblies series.

The header is suitable for a variety of electronic applications, including blade servers, medical electronics, motor control boards, data collection devices and high-performance audio components.

The 2mm latch/ejectors maintain a secure connection to the cable assembly during operation, yet allows for easy removal of the harness when needed. 3M uses roll pins to attach the latches instead of a snap-in system, designed to enable connectivity in high-vibration applications and during shipping. The latch incorporates a unique design that resists breakage when ejecting the mating assembly, increasing system reliability.

The 3M family of 2mm latch/eject headers features 13-pin count options from six to 50 positions, offering design flexibility across applications. The connector bodies feature a cutout to accommodate mating connectors with center bump polarization and are made from PCT resins, allowing for high-temperature processing in lead-free environments up to 260 C (JEDEC J-STD-020C). The family offers RoHS compliant(1) straight- and right-angle plated pins through hole tails for boards up to 0.125 inch thickness. A vertical surface-mount version is also available.

(1)”RoHS compliant” means that the product or part does not contain any of the following substances in excess of the following maximum concentration values in any homogeneous material, unless the substance is in an application that is exempt under RoHS: (a) 0.1 percent (by weight) for lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls or polybrominated diphenyl ethers; or (b) 0.01 percent (by weight) for cadmium. Unless otherwise stated by 3M in writing, this information represents 3M’s knowledge and belief based on information provided by third-party suppliers to 3M.