3M DSL Line Conditioner Economically Expands Broadband Service Areas

The new 3M DSL Line Conditioner enables telecom service providers to offer broadband access to more of their customers while minimizing capex investment in new active network electronics. This new technology can extend a network’s physical reach by up to three times or increase the data rate of DSL service by up to four times, significantly expanding the number of potential broadband subscribers in unserved and underserved network areas.

Service providers seeking to protect their market share or acquire new customers via triple play – voice, video and data – offerings will find that this new 3M product enhances existing copper infrastructures to enable improved DSL broadband delivery performance and extended reach of DSL service.

Scheduled for broad market availability later this year in most countries, the 3M DSL Line Conditioner features patented TripleStream technology pioneered by Phylogy Inc. as its active component.

“This technology delivers high-speed bandwidth over copper phone lines to underserved areas,” says Douglas Dahms, business unit manager of the 3M Communication Markets Division. “This product will redefine DSL rate and reach as we know it.”