Transcend T.Sonic T650

The T.Sonic T650 is another great player from Transcend with lots of features, but how well those features work is what I’m here to tell you about; so let’s get to it.

The T650 has a Digital Voice Recorder that is really good, with superb range. The T650 is neat-looking player with keys that are somewhat easy to use. It’s very convenient to carry around. Of course, the weight of just 30g makes it easier. The T650 has a four-line OLED display in front with a five way nav-pad beside it. Other features include a Real Time Clock (RTC) that displays local and world times. Next up is the FM radio. Sadly the T650 doesn’t have good pick-up while commuting. At some places you’ll get good enough reception but most of the time you won’t. It also has an FM recorder, and considering the quality of the normal voice recorder, the FM recorder delivered in spades. The recordings were crisp and clear. The T650 can read MP3, WMA, WMA-DRM10 (subscription music) and WAV formats. The volume isn’t extremely low, it’s just not as loud as in some of Transcend’s own earlier models, for some strange reason. The T650 has seven equalizer effects, including a manual setting. It also has options for changing the track playback speed and a loop feature. If the track has the data, the player can pull up the lyrics and display them on the screen, Karaoke style.