touch sensitive gadgets

Touch-sensitive gadgets are the new technically sound user-device interface that have given a new turn to the gadgets, making them more user-friendly, gaudy and involving a whole lot of fun in possessing them. Today just anything can be seen being operated by touch. A touchscreen is a computer display screen that is sensitive to human touch, allowing a user to interact with the device by touching icons or words on the screen. Enabling high speed, a touch screen is more convenient to operate. A wide range of gadgets including mobile phones, camera, camcorders, computers, music systems and many more are operated through touchscreen technology. Logitech’s Z-10 interactive speaker system with touch-sensitive controls on the face of the speakers; Apple’s iPod Touch with a multi-touch user interface; Philips’ touch-sensitive Pronto is a universal remote that combines controls for the home’s AV entertainment, lighting and music, are some of the lifestyle gadgets that are operated through this high edge technology. Apart from these, touchscreen mobile phones make a great style statement. LG’s Viewty; The MOTOROKR E6; HP iPAQ HW6900; HTC TyTN II; Sony Ericsson’s W960i Walkman phone; Samsung’s SGH-F490; Palm Treo 750 are some of them. In touch-sensitive laptops graphics tablet/screen hybrid technology facilitates you to operate the computer with a stylus or digital pen or a fingertip instead of keyboard or mouse. LG C1 Tablet Notebook or the HP TouchSmart are the computers that works on your fingertips.