TESCO Mobile

Tesco Mobile is one of the well known mobile service providers with an array of positive services. If we go through the services provided by the individual service providers, we can easily decide what provider we should pick, keeping in mind those particular services that we want. Tesco Mobile is a service provider that lets you Use your Pay As You Go Mobile Phone on this Network. The service is provided to you by Tesco Mobile Limited, a joint venture company from Tesco Stores Limited and O2 (UK) Ltd. The company recommends to insure the Mobile Phone to cover loss, theft, accidental damage and unauthorized Use. Moreover the sim card provided by the company should be handled with care and one must inform Customer Care immediately by telephone if the person’s Mobile Phone is lost, stolen, damaged, destroyed or likely to be used in an unauthorized manner as in such cases the company may charge a little for a replacement SIM Card. There is a choice of four low flat rate tariffs so that a person can talk to anyone, anytime of the day or night. Firstly, Standard tariff is an everyday tariff with half-price calls and texts to any 3 favorite numbers. Secondly, Standard Plus tariff is a Top-up £15 a month for bonus texts and minutes. Thirdly, Extra tariff is the lowest rate for calls and texts when customers top-up £15 per month and lastly Value tariff is a no frills tariff for texts and calls in the UK. The tariffs may change with time.