Pro-idee RoadRunner- bluetooth headset with larynx microphone

Bluetooth headset with larynx microphone can be an ideal device for a mobile phone. Larynx microphones directly transmit voice with noise suppression of up to 10 dB which means that they can reduce ambient noise to close to zero. These microphones are available for a mobile phone so that one can make calls in a noisy place or while engaged in other activities such as jogging, skiing, cycling and even riding a motorcycle or driving an open top car. The Pro-idee RoadRunner is an example of device that uses this technology and is worn around the neck, with the microphone next to the voice box. It apparently works trouble free with voice dial activation – the error rate is below 1% compared to ordinary Bluetooth headsets. So it will not be a problem to talk over the phone while driving anything. The communicator kit even fits perfectly under a motorcycle helmet. The specifications of The Roadrunner is that it supports all Bluetooth functions on the individual mobile phone, and offers up to nine hours of talk time and a week of stand-by. The high-quality lithium-polymer cell is charged in just two hours and the unit weighs approximately 28g (1oz). It comes with a two-year manufacturer’s guarantee.