Motorola V950

The Motorola V950 has been released for Sprint is the best thing that a mobile crazy can look for. It is stylish and durable and has a slimmed down look. It is suited to perform anywhere and everywhere. It has been built in such a way so that it can function in extreme conditions. It has wonderful features like the Stereo Bluetooth, a camera with 2.0 mega pixel, image spotlight and also stand-alone GPS solutions for delivering a strong communications tool. Customers opting for this mobile will have the facility to enjoy Sprint Music Store, Sprint TV and also convenient external music tool controls. Users can easily communicate with others and also save time and money with the Direct Connect and Group Connect push-to-talk services. The integrated 2.0 mega pixel camera will help to zoom up t0 4x, it has been privileged to capture images of high resolution and also make videos for sharing with family and friends.

The Sprint Music Store will help to download tracks of good stereo-quality, with the Sprint TV live TV coverage and full motion video with clear sound video-on-demand can be accessed. The Sprint Navigation will let the users to access the visual and audible turn wise GPS-enabled driving directions. The Bluetooth wireless technology is there for stereo music to stream into headphones and wireless communication of short-range. With the Mobile Sync online tool, the users will be able to manage all the information regarding contacts including those for PTT and text/voice messaging. Communicating and coordinating activities can be done with up to 20 Direct Connect users using Group Connect.

MOTORIZR Z6tv review

MOTORIZR Z6tv review: Today mobile phones are not just for making and receiving calls or sending messages. Mobile phones have been innovated technically and now they act as a set that provides all the major entertainment options. Likewise, The Motorola MOTORIZR Z6tv for Verizon is an excellent voice phone with eight channels of major network television. Apart from this, the major features include 2.0 Megapixel Camera with Autofocus & Flash; External Touch Keys for Camera, Music, and Voice Activated Dialing; microSD™ Memory Port; V Cast TV; V CAST Music; V CAST Video; Text, Picture & Video Messaging; LBS Capable via Get It Now: Location Management, VZ Navigator, Chaperone Parent and Chaperone Child Capable; Mobile IM, Email, Voice Mail & Chat; Mobile Web 2.0; Integrated speakerphone. It also has the facilities like Calculator, Calendar, Alarm Clock, World Clock, Notepad, and Voice Commands. MOTORIZR Z6tv, Motorola’s first U.S. phone to include V CAST Mobile TV, Bluetooth Stereo Support for Listening to Music, and VZ Navigatorsm capable via Get It Now. It has the slider design and looks elegant with its sleek finish. This is the third phone with Verizon’s TV service, but it’s the first with an internal antenna. So try out this set for a full series of entertainment !


Motorola’s new PDA, MOTOROKR – E6 mobile phone is all set to rock the country with its theme of “music addiction” as the device has the capability to generate an enhanced music experience. Its music facility will allow the user to absorb himself fully into the aura of great music. It highlights mainly on the functions related to video, games, music and productivity, thus proving to be the best entertainment handset up till now. MOTOROKR cell phone is the first Motorola handset in India to offer music ID and Screen 3. Music ID is a song identification service that enables a user to identify the song while Screen 3 is live news and information based service. It is the thinnest and slickest entertainment PDA measuring 14.5mm thick. It has a super sized 2.4” 240*320 TFT touch Windows screen, a high resolution 2-mega pixel camera along with the high quality CIF(352*288) video recording, 3.5mm stereo headphone jack, out-and-out music and removable SD card memory slot. All these features together help in identifying it as a genuine multimedia set. Gaming is even more refined and advanced in this set. The entertainment modes are paused when the user has to receive the basic or actual services related to the use of a mobile phone and so the set can work just according to the need of its user.