Moto Z6w

The Motorola Z6w mobile phone which is Wi-Fi enabled has been released for T-Mobile. Users can take their calls, the web can be browsed quickly and the multimedia content can be enjoyed thoroughly over the internet. The Z6w mobile phone can automatically switch from local networks and deliver high speed wireless services as it is extended across multiple service areas. The features of this phone is media friendly and is very compatible with Windows Media Player 11 on the PC, it is also compatible with high-speed USB 2.0 for downloading rapidly. The 2.0 mega pixel camera of the phone will help its users to capture their memorable moments. Crystal clear videos can also be captured. The Motorola Z6w is compatible for both GSM and Wireless Local Area Network which will help in extending the wireless world of the user to go beyond the zones of normal coverage. Continue conversing on the phone and web browsing from the living room to the local café to the office without any kind of interruptions by transferring automatically from one local network to the other. This means that this single device will function both as a mobile and a landline phone. The external microSD expansion slot can support up to 4 GB of removable memory which is optional. The EasyPair technology of Motorola and the Bluetooth wireless technology will help the phone to sync with high range of compatible devices. With the Digital Rights Management compatibility, the users will be able to download and transfer music. This phone will be fulfilling all the wireless connectivity and entertainment dreams.

Motorola W755

Motorola W755 mobile phone is a wonder in itself. This Motorola W755 has been released for Verizon Wireless. It is built with quality materials with soft-touch paints and brilliant accents. On the front it has external touch-sensitive controls. The users of this mobile phone can look for songs by artists, albums, track title and even genre. The VACST Music in the phone will offer the users more than 3 million songs straight to the phone. The Motorola W755 has a 1.3 mega pixel camera, with a digital zoom of 4x. The microSD slot helps in storing plenty of photos. The consumers of this phone will be able to capture their wonderful moments through stills and video shots. The 1.9-inch internal display will help in showing the recorded videos and also the images. There is music player for formats namely AAC, AMR NB, MIDI, MP3 and WMA V9. With the Windows Media Player 11, Motorola W755 can create and also manage play lists. The technology Stereo Bluetooth wireless is what this phone is privileged with. This clamshell from the house of Motorola supports on the one hand the Verizon’s high-speed EV-DO network and is perfectly compatible with VZ Navigator GPS navigation service of the Verizon on the other. This VZ Navigator has the ability to get audible maps, turn wise directions and also location information. Consumers can choose from the black or purple colored range of Motorola W755 handset that is being offered. The VCAST Video will help in downloading or streaming video in news, entertainment, sports and more.

Motorolla Z9

Motorola Z9 mobile phone, released for AT&T , this mobile phone is packaged with multimedia, mobile broadband and service of GPS in a very stylish slider. The Z9 has delivered through HSDPA, sharp videos on the screen of 2.4 inch. This slider is both slimmer and flatter than the iPhone and is enough bulky to wear through the pocket. Users can send emails and use IM, can listen to music from the microSD. Together with the 2 mega pixel camera and video recording, there is a facility of video sharing, sending it live to another who is a 3G AT&T user. This GPS service will let its users know about what block you are on, turn wise directions for finding restaurants, cafes, hotels, the lowest gas priced , information of live traffic, accessing to the AT&T database. The AT&T Navigator helps in getting voice turn wise directions with an automatic reroute and moving maps of full-color. Consumers can zoom up to 8x and can access files with microSD card with up to 8 GB. Playlists can be created with the integrated MP3 music player. The shuffle capability will help to skip easily to the next song. Users can listen to their favorite song without missing any calls ever with the Bluetooth stereo profile support. There can be access to full HTML Web browsing and email. It has an internal memory of 45MB with an external microSD expansion slot. The innovative CrystalTalk technology helps in better call clarity. The Motorola Z9 is full of useful functions.