Cell ranger

Cell Ranger, the Cellular Signal Amplifier is a product of MoGo Wireless Inc is one of the mobile technologies that appreciably helps in increasing the signal strength, enabling usage in areas where it was not possible previously and even reduced the number of dropped calls. The Cell Ranger line consists of two products, the Cell Ranger STIX is powered by a standard automotive 12 volt power supply; the Cell Ranger PORT is powered by a computer’s USB port and does not require software or drivers. None of these products have the need of physical connection or “pairing” with the phone. It is much easy for the users to handle as they simply plug the Cell Ranger unit into the power source and properly place the magnetic antenna. Cell Ranger then become aware of the closest handset without human intervention. Cell Ranger can also be used by multiple handsets simultaneously for extra expediency. There are a number of advantages of Cell Ranger. First of all it is well-matched with handsets offered by all U.S. service providers operating on the 800 and 1900 MHz frequencies including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Alltel and U.S. Moreover it can be carried easily and it is the first product of its sort that has been designed to facilitate in preserving cellular network integrity. It is also compatible with Bluetooth and GPS devices.