In this era of mobile phones, everyone wants something new or some extra features in their mobile phones so that it can be distinguished from others in terms of quality and looks. The XPERIA X1 from Sony Ericsson is the mobile phone with its multi-functional features that provides something more than a common handset. It has a 3-inch clear wide VGA display, media player and 3.2 mega-pixel camera built in a metal-finish and slider-design body, the XPERIA X1 offers multiple navigation options from touch screen interaction to a 4-way key, full wide-pitch QWERTY keyboard or optical joystick with flawless switching secured between input modes. The dimensions of the mobile phone are 110 x 53 x 16.7 mm, and it weights 145g. The device also includes Windows Mobile® capabilities and as a personal media player it supports video streaming to the 800 X 480 pixel VGA screen, Bluetooth™ stereo (A2DP) and FM radio. The camera of the mobile is also superior in quality. This 3.2 megapixel camera also features auto focus and video recording and onboard memory is up to 400 MB with a MicroSD ™ memory card slot to back it up. With its great features it is sure to serve the needs of the users.

Motorolla Z9

Motorola Z9 mobile phone, released for AT&T , this mobile phone is packaged with multimedia, mobile broadband and service of GPS in a very stylish slider. The Z9 has delivered through HSDPA, sharp videos on the screen of 2.4 inch. This slider is both slimmer and flatter than the iPhone and is enough bulky to wear through the pocket. Users can send emails and use IM, can listen to music from the microSD. Together with the 2 mega pixel camera and video recording, there is a facility of video sharing, sending it live to another who is a 3G AT&T user. This GPS service will let its users know about what block you are on, turn wise directions for finding restaurants, cafes, hotels, the lowest gas priced , information of live traffic, accessing to the AT&T database. The AT&T Navigator helps in getting voice turn wise directions with an automatic reroute and moving maps of full-color. Consumers can zoom up to 8x and can access files with microSD card with up to 8 GB. Playlists can be created with the integrated MP3 music player. The shuffle capability will help to skip easily to the next song. Users can listen to their favorite song without missing any calls ever with the Bluetooth stereo profile support. There can be access to full HTML Web browsing and email. It has an internal memory of 45MB with an external microSD expansion slot. The innovative CrystalTalk technology helps in better call clarity. The Motorola Z9 is full of useful functions.

Motorola V950

The Motorola V950 has been released for Sprint is the best thing that a mobile crazy can look for. It is stylish and durable and has a slimmed down look. It is suited to perform anywhere and everywhere. It has been built in such a way so that it can function in extreme conditions. It has wonderful features like the Stereo Bluetooth, a camera with 2.0 mega pixel, image spotlight and also stand-alone GPS solutions for delivering a strong communications tool. Customers opting for this mobile will have the facility to enjoy Sprint Music Store, Sprint TV and also convenient external music tool controls. Users can easily communicate with others and also save time and money with the Direct Connect and Group Connect push-to-talk services. The integrated 2.0 mega pixel camera will help to zoom up t0 4x, it has been privileged to capture images of high resolution and also make videos for sharing with family and friends.

The Sprint Music Store will help to download tracks of good stereo-quality, with the Sprint TV live TV coverage and full motion video with clear sound video-on-demand can be accessed. The Sprint Navigation will let the users to access the visual and audible turn wise GPS-enabled driving directions. The Bluetooth wireless technology is there for stereo music to stream into headphones and wireless communication of short-range. With the Mobile Sync online tool, the users will be able to manage all the information regarding contacts including those for PTT and text/voice messaging. Communicating and coordinating activities can be done with up to 20 Direct Connect users using Group Connect.