Nokia N96

N96 which falls under the N series of the house of Nokia can easily be considered as the trend-setter phone. It supports video formats like MPEG-4, Windows Media Player and Flash Video. The phone is basically optimized for video and TV. It has a wide screen of 2.8 inches and internal memory of 16 GB and easi;y supports videos of high quality. Images with tag will automatically capture locations and will upload directly to the web. The phone has an in-built camera integrated with 5.0 mega pixel and Carl Zeiss Optics Tessar Lens. Any kind of transferring be it snaps or videos is very easy, it can be transferred with high-speed USB 2.0 connection and also with Wireless LAN (WLAN) with automatic hotspot authentication and HSDPA. There is Bluetooth wireless technology with an A2DP stereo audio. Finding places the way to go there can be done with the Nokia Maps and the integrated A-GPS. The Nokia Map will provide urban details, satellite views and upgraded options such as City guides, turn wise mode of pedestrians and voice-guided car navigation. There are media keys, a 3.5 mm headphone connector and also in-built 3D stereo speakers. Users can watch live broadcast TV with the help of DVB-H receiver, with an automatic updating program guide coupled with a ‘kickstand’ which helps in viewing hands free. The Nokia N96 has the ability to capture DVD like quality videos at 30 frames per second with Carl Zeiss optics and flash and video lights. This is the phone which most desire for.

Sony Ericsson g700

Communicating with friends and family has never been easier. It is just a simple touch away with the Sony Ericsson G700. The phone has a large touch screen and a one-touch user panel. The Sony Ericsson G700 can be described as a phone with one-touch full organizer functions. It is the users’ personal organizer. The intuitive calendar of the phone will help you in planning the users’ days perfectly well. Consumers can easily access to the email using the high speed internet installed in the phone. The feature of handwriting recognition is the very interesting and makes this smartphone very unique.G700 is a very user friendly phone and comes with a 3.0 mega pixels camera. Though it does not have auto focus, the phone is offered with image and video stabilization. The phone measures 106 x 49 x 13 mm and the weight is only 99 grams. A relatively compact smartphone, it has stereo Bluetooth and an M2 memory card slot. With the integrated 3.0 mega pixels camera, the users can capture video action and those unexpected memorable moments. The alarm clock with radio has proved to be really interesting among all these features. If there us any necessity to wake up or catch a meeting then users can set the time and let the favorite FM station play or the users are being reminded by the set alarm signal. The phone is designed in a very fashionable manner, and Sony Ericsson has made a nice try in making more affordable and intuitive smartphones for the consumers.

Nokia 6220 classic

One of the most sophisticated phones from the house of Nokia is Nokia 6220 Classic. Integrated with a 5.0 mega pixel camera with Xenon flash and in built VGA camcorder, this classic phone has plenty of attracting features. This eye candy comes in two extremely pleasing colors and is uniquely designed 3G Smartphone. The phone is of a shape of a candy bar and weighs some 90 grams. The casing of the phone is 15.2 mm deep by 46.5 mm wide by 108 mm long which is why users can operate in a single hand. It looks more like a fashion phone. This phone has very well placed navigation key with a 2.2 inch QVGA screen. The screen will display up to 16 million colors on a high-resolution screen.
Nokia 6220 Classic is bundled with high-speed connection of HSDPA with which the customers will be able to update blogs and upload photos and videos at a very rapid speed. The images taken can be shown on TV with the integrated TV-out feature. The Nokia Map 2.0 application present in the phone will help the users find the routes, restaurants, hotels, tourists attraction and other interesting joints. The Nokia 6220 Classic comes with Internet browser, email, music player, FM radio with RDS. The Adaptive Multi Rate- Wideband coding of speech technology helps in receiving clearer sounds in noisy environments. The camera of this Nokia 6220 Classic has Carl Zeiss lens which helps the users in capturing crystal clear snaps. There is a secondary camera used for 3G video calling.