Nokia N82

The N series of Nokia has been creating wonders ever since its ranges were launched. Nokia N82 mobile phone is none the less. And with camera which has become the most common feature in any cell phone, N82 will be taking the pride to have an integrated camera of 5.0 mega pixel. This high quality camera is coupled with a very good screen resolution. The other features which will be a great combination with the 5.0 mega pixel is a Xenon flash and a Zeiss optics. This will help the users in balancing out if the natural light is unfavorable, and will also help in increasing the quality of the picture. Users can grab the phone in the elegant black or in the sleek silver, and is a great phone to own. The auto focus function and the assist lamp will help in clicking high standard snaps.

Nokia N82 mobile phone also has a smooth and rapid reloading in between different shots. The high screen resolution of the phone will help in watching videos of DVD quality. The most interesting feature of the phone is that it has the ability to show the location captured on a map on the device which is performed through the AGPS technology. Sharing photos with family and friends have been never interesting, because with this phone, users can easily upload the pictures and videos to services like Ovi, Flickr and YouTube from the phone. The installment of Nokia Sports Tracker application on N82 will help the users to share their whereabouts and routes. The 8GB memory is an added advantage of this phone.

Moto Z6w

The Motorola Z6w mobile phone which is Wi-Fi enabled has been released for T-Mobile. Users can take their calls, the web can be browsed quickly and the multimedia content can be enjoyed thoroughly over the internet. The Z6w mobile phone can automatically switch from local networks and deliver high speed wireless services as it is extended across multiple service areas. The features of this phone is media friendly and is very compatible with Windows Media Player 11 on the PC, it is also compatible with high-speed USB 2.0 for downloading rapidly. The 2.0 mega pixel camera of the phone will help its users to capture their memorable moments. Crystal clear videos can also be captured. The Motorola Z6w is compatible for both GSM and Wireless Local Area Network which will help in extending the wireless world of the user to go beyond the zones of normal coverage. Continue conversing on the phone and web browsing from the living room to the local café to the office without any kind of interruptions by transferring automatically from one local network to the other. This means that this single device will function both as a mobile and a landline phone. The external microSD expansion slot can support up to 4 GB of removable memory which is optional. The EasyPair technology of Motorola and the Bluetooth wireless technology will help the phone to sync with high range of compatible devices. With the Digital Rights Management compatibility, the users will be able to download and transfer music. This phone will be fulfilling all the wireless connectivity and entertainment dreams.

Nokia 3600 Slide

The Nokia 3600 slide is compactly contoured designed which has a smooth slide action. The phone is small and certainly stands out from the rest. This slider is covered in ceramic paint which is soft and the metal is combined with high gloss surfaces with gradated colors makes it a beauty. It is integrated with a 3.2 mega pixel camera and ensures high-quality photography and videos in conditions of dim lighting. The 3.2 mega pixel camera has auto-focus and 2 LED flash. The feature of TV-out can connect to maximum TV sets; this will help the users in sharing pictures and videos. The Nokia 3600 slide is first from the house of Nokia to have the facility of background noise cancellation. This will help the consumers to carry on with their conversations much clearly and will give outstanding audio performance with uninterrupted calls. It has an in-built music player which can offer up to 3000 song tracks on an optional 4 GB microSD card. Nokia 3600 slide is pre-installed with Nokia maps, which will help the travelers in finding more than 15 million points of interests, which also includes restaurants, shops, hotels and lots more. The Nokia 3600 slide has a multiple format digital music and video players wit ha stereo headset to plug in and listen to music. It can include up to 512 MB card. With the blend of classy colors and user friendly features, the Nokia 3600 slide is set to be the winner. It is both beautiful to look at and also to use.