Canon A580

Canon A580 is the digital camera which is mainly designed for the beginners which has 4x lens with fully automatic or semi-automatic settings. It has 16 shooting modes which is straightforwardly selectable. Now coming to the basic specifications it has eight megapixel CCD imager united with a Canon-branded 4x optical zoom lens. It has 2.5 inch LCD display and also has an optical viewfinder. Photos and movies are stored on SD / MMC cards, including the newer SDHC, MMC+ and HC MMC+ types. The PowerShot A580 does not contain internal storage memory, but a 32MB MMC+ card is included in the product bundle. The A580 derives its power from two AA batteries, with single-use alkalines included. It has a revised Face Detection system which can track, focus on, and optimize exposure on up to nine human faces in a scene, or can look onto one face. In this mode white balance is also enhanced. Its new Motion Detection technology watches for motion and adjusts focus, exposure and the ISO is there to resist the subjects from motion blur. Red-eye can also be removed with a new automatic red-eye correction feature and obstinate red-eye can be marked out in Playback. Canon A580 is available only in silver.