USB Widgets – Avatars

Just what is a USB widget? It’s simply a software application that opens up when you plug in the associated USB drive. It is ‘dynamic’ and automatically delivers updated info from the web. MAC widgets usually don’t autorun and may cost more though.

When you plug your USB widget in, you can set it to autorun or not as suits you. Once operational, it opens in its own non-browser window and displays its dynamic contents. You can get one for practically anything but today, we’ll talk about Avatar widgets.

These are groovy little gadgets that are fully customisable to the character (or, Avatar) of your choosing. You can record your own voice for the character to use or you can choose other pre-set options to be its voice. Many of them have text-to-speech modes too.

They are most useful for putting on your website to guide visitors around or just to welcome them. You can even set them to answer questions. You can even update the content remotely by telephone so if you’re away from your PC but need to have your site’s Avatar say something different, just tell it so on the ‘phone.

These Avatars can be custom made for practically any purpose and to do almost anything.
Prices vary depending upon what customisation is needed.