Need a wow account ?

BUYMMOACCOUNTS is a company that sells virtual goods, primarily World of Warcraft accounts. It is pertinent to note that this site is neither a virtual broker nor an auction site. All the accounts that they sell are owned by them. They are a registered and licensed company and have been in business for over a year specializing in the retailing World of Warcraft accounts. They are located and registered in Alberta, Canada and have no overseas officies. Infact they are the only World of Warcraft account retailing site that is an actual registered and licensed business. The do not have any affiliation with any other companies or World of Warcraft account retailers. So, if you are looking to buy wow account, you can either email them , have a live chat through their website or call them over a phone. Please use whichever method of contact that you feel most comfortable with. You can even check their testimonials page to know what other customers are saying about them. To buy an account new customers are required to register on their web site to complete an order and payment. Once your order is approved the account information for your World of Warcraft account is instantly delivered via Email.