Wine racks

I can’t store wine at my place, I do not have enough self control when it comes to wines. It gets drunk. Hence I have no “system” besides drink now, drink late (a few weeks). What does that say about me.. I wonder!

I love the variety of wine racks available today. There is one Wine Rack my friend has recently bought and this rack is interestingly interconnected and is all the more intriguing due to its interplay of shape and color. One section of wood has a natural finish while the other section has a walnut finish, suggestive of shall we say, red wine vs. white wine. Together, the finishes reveal how two simple shapes create an intricate structure.

I feel they make a good wedding anniversary gift for the people who love wines. There are many styles of wine racks available online including: Wood Wine Racks, Metal Wine Racks, Hanging Wine Racks, Wall Mounted Wine Racks, Wine Rack Furniture, Specialty Wine Racks and Wine Glasses. Wine racks are usually available in a variety of bottle capacity sizes for both your residential and commercial wine storage needs.

Here is a tip on storing wines: Simply keep your bottles of wine in a cool place away from direct sunlight until you’re ready to drink them. If you are going to store them for more than a few weeks, it is best to store them on their side rather than upright. This will keep the cork moist and therefore airtight.

There is no need to store white wines or Champagne/sparkling wines in the refrigerator if you are not planning on drinking them soon. Simply chill them before serving.