sales configurator

Everybody wants to earn money and enjoy the comforts of life. But its not easy. You should have the right tools to make it big. If you own a business you already know how fast things are constantly changing. There are always software advances that make it easier and less expensive to run the business that you do. That’s definitely the case when it comes to a proposal software called Cameleon Commerce Suite that’s offered by Access Commerce. The Cameleon Commerce Suite is a great addition to many different businesses. You can improve the performance of direct sales teams with sales proposal software that intelligently optimizes key selling processes.

Access-commerce is an international provider of e-commerce and sales configurator software that simplify the sale of complex, product configuration and services. The product configurator software increases revenues and reduces costs by automating much of the process involved in fulfilling custom orders and unique product requests. The Cameleon Commerce Suite helps companies sell products and services through multiple sales channels and provides a common point of order capture across the enterprise. Whether your business specializes in distribution, manufacturing, retail or insurance, this software makes it easy to automate the custom orders that your business receives.