oil paintings

I have 4 paintings in my living room which straddle the limit between the realistic and the abstract including colourfuly dressed Indian ladies. The portraits are usually a great way to have an unique picture of yourself. Of course there are family and group portraits and the names there are pretty self explanatory. If you want some good portrait painting artist to paint a portrait for you then there is a great service out from PortraitPainting who is offering this new service to turn a photograph into a hand painted oil painting whether it is a portrait of an individual or a family portrait or even a huge group portrait. They are professionals and they know how to look at a photo and paint it up in oil. I have seen many of my friends getting photo to painting done and it really looks awesome.

Their artists have over seventy years of experience. Some of their artists have a specific area of expertise – for example, they have one artist that specializes in pet portraits. Once you submit a photograph, they will choose the artist that’s best suited for your specific picture. Each of the paintings is produced using the finest paints and the highest quality canvas. So, now you know why their paintings look better and last forever.