New Jersey Vacations

To enjoy your family beach vacation, it could be nowhere better than Morey’s Piers. Situated on the Broadwalk in Wildwood, New Jersey, this is one of the largest amusement parks. Not far from both ocean city and Atlantic City, Morey’s Piers offers more than 100 exciting amusement park rides and other Wildwood attractions. They have overall three amusement parks and two large water parks. Morey’s Piers is the largest of all amusement parks across the Wildwood, featuring 1500 employee in summer and around 80 year round associates. Morey’s Piers is ranked 15th among 250 largest amusement parks and theme parks of North America. From kiddie rides to thrilling roller coaster, all you can find here in this amusement park. Major Ride attraction of Morey’s Piers includes the Great Nar’Easter, the Sea Serpant, the great White, the giant ferris wheel, the Zoom Phloom and the Sky Scapper, Helicopter Skyrides, Spring Shot. Various group events and annual youth programs are also organized which includes Education Extravaganza, two Beach Jam Scouting events, a closer Walk Christian Youth Weekend and a beach Soccer Tournament. You can participate in any of these events and spend awesome time with your mates here at Morey’s Piers.