I like it

As you all know, writing is not easy. It takes lots of time and devotion. You have to be abreast with the latest happenings around you. Then apart from that, you need to have a good set of readers, who admire your writing. Without readers a blog is nothing but a book that no one has ever read. I truly love to blog, and want to make it clear that I won’t be writing about products unless I truly believe in them, as I want to stay honest with myself and my readers.

What if you were paid for doing what you like a.k.a BLOGGING! Yes, I mean getting paid for blogging. Many companies are paying bloggers for just posting on their own sites. While blog hopping this weekend, I saw a few ads for payperpost and decided to check it out. Payperpost.com is a market place where advertisers meet the bloggers. It was easy to sign up. I had to submit my blog URL for approval and voila, I was approved within a few days! To become a publisher you need fill a simple joining form at payperpost. Their team will then review your blog to meet their terms. At the moment what they basically require is a blog that is atleast one month old and has minimum 10 original non paid (non sponsored) posts in last 30 days from the day your blog is accepted for their marketplace. Once your blog is approved, you can start writing reviews and earn money. Remember, they require each sponsored post to be separated by atleast one non sponsored post.