David woon

Have you ever heard about David Woon ? He is a “Catholic Flexitarian Singaporean”. David Woon has a strong grasp of the English language. Further, he enjoys writing about pragmatic views on popular scientific advances. Just a Thought is personal blog with a collection of writing by David Woon. In his free time, he likes to read all kinds of books ranging from spirituality, theology, philosophy, history and economics to quantum physics, psychoanalysis, medical science and near-death experience to counseling, motivation, marriage and romantic love.

He is happily married to his beloved wife Lynn Tessa since 2001 and they are enjoying family bliss with their newborn son Xavier in Sengkang, Singapore. A devout catholic, David Woon enjoys making “heroes” of everyone he meets by showing them their potential, their responsibilities, and their talents. He writes a strong statement to better the world through meaning and fulfillment. David Woon claims to be a veteran of negotiation with large multinational corporations, government agencies, and universities. In his writing, he claims that everyone is a reasonable by nature. Like any other random blog, he talks about things like money saving and spending but it is his deeper thoughts that catch the attention of a reader.

Read his blog and see if you can relate to some of his thoughts? Do you agree with the thoughts of David Woon? Discuss what the author means in his writing and this might trigger a meaningful dialogs and or thoughts of your own.